Ending the Silence

It could happen at any point in time. It could be a stressful chapter in your life, the loss of your best friend, or finding out your mom has cancer. All of these can be triggers and so many more. Sometimes, it might not even be a tragic event. You might just wake up one morning and find it harder to face the world than other days.

Depression and suicidal thoughts can happen at any given time. It’s what you do at these times that are the most crucial. Our society has taught many people that these two things are dangerous (which they are), but often because of the negative thoughts, feelings and connotations behind these two feelings, the subjects don’t get talked about.

I’m here to say different. I’m here to say that these things do need to be talked about. They need to be discussed. Who knows, maybe it could save a life. I’m not an expert, nor do I claim to be. I just want to give people who are troubled with depression and suicidal thoughts a place to turn to; I want to be able to direct these people to experts and officials who can help them. I want to create a space to figure out why these subjects are so taboo in the American culture. I want to end the silence.


One thought on “Ending the Silence

  1. You are so right. It seems like we neglect to recognize these very real feelings in this world for the fear of the stigma that this society has created. But, you’re right…the silence does need to end. We need to move these from taboo to critical! So, what can we do now?

    Keep writing, Bre. You have such a gift and a testimony! I love you!

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