Lack of Discussion on Depression

As I’ve been researching depression and looking to see where it is or is not reported, I’ve found that many of the articles I’ve been reading aren’t from the United States. Although it is a subject that isn’t largely being talked about in other countries either, it seems to be receiving more attention elsewhere than in the US. I got to wondering why this might be. As Americans are we really that uncomfortable with talking about our feelings? Is it really that hard to hear that someone is continuously in a funk or is having a hard time really feeling happy?

Much of the information that I have been reading that is being reported about depression is about depression or anxiety in sports teams. If this is what our culture has come to, only talking about things that matter when it deals with sports teams or other celebrities in the media, then that really is sad. Why can’t we focus on the fact that depression is something that affects thousands of people all around us?

This article from the UK lays out clearly the problem people have with talking about and dealing with depression.


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