What Is Depression?

Often times I feel as though our society is very nosy. We are always concerned with other people’s personal lives, careers, and figuring out what is going on around us; however, it seems that when it comes to serious subjects, most people could care less to look further. It’s almost as though when people hear certain topics they choose not to listen or choose to walk away. We are afraid of the unknown. My question is, how can anything change if we don’t look into ways of understanding?

Depression is one of those topics that many people tune out. For a lot of people they don’t understand the difference between being clinically depressed and being sad. And for the people who do understand the difference, they might not understand the significance or the extent of which depression hurts. Almost everyone has seen some sort of television commercial for a depression medicine. They often have a series of statements all of which consist of explaining that depression not only hurts the person who is depressed, but it also hurts the ones around them. But the solution is not always as simple as getting on a medication and make everything go away. Depression is an illness that many people suffer from, and many people will continue to suffer from, their whole lives.

Since there are different levels of depression and everyone has different experiences, it can be hard to tell when someone is actually depressed or if they’re just sad. It is typically noted that a constant sadness lasting for over two weeks can be diagnosed as depression. For some, medication works, while others choose to do wellness activities such as yoga, and even others choose to do nothing. Whatever the decision that is made, this is a topic that does need attention. It’s a topic that needs to be understood by all, because until this happens, it will continue to be a taboo in our society and people will continue to walk away from this without actually dealing with the issue.


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