Stigma Continues in Other Countries

When talking about the negative connotations that go along with suicide and depression in the United States, it would seem as though we have it pretty bad. We ignore these problems and choose not to talk about them. However, it’s not until other countries are looked at that we might realize we have it a little better than they do.

CNN recently brough up the issue that China has a much higher population than we do in the United States, and yet, they have significantly less doctors, pyschiatrists, and therapists to treat people with depression, suicidal thoughts, or mental illnesses. Just as some people here are afraid to open up to their doctors about being depressed, many people in China aren’t opening up about any mental illnesses at all.

There were recent violent events in China that the media tied back to people with mental illnesses, because of the way the media framed the issue, it only made mental illnesses look worse. CNN was the one who reported the story to the United States and Psych Central picked up on the story. Although the U.S. is still struggling with talking about this problem, we are better off than other places. We should learn from this and start talking about the problem before it gets any worse.


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