Sometimes Depression is a Terminal Illness

Many times people don’t talk to others about depression or suicide because they’re not sure how to go about doing so. There may never be a right day or right time to bring it up, but just because it’s hard to do doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. Nobody likes talking about this subject; it can be difficult, emotional, or just plain awkward. However, if you choose to reach out to one person and ask them how they’re really doing, you could save a life.

In this article, it talks about one man’s firsthand experience with suicide and depression. The emotion in this piece is almost overwhelming and brought me to tears because it is so spot on. Sometimes all it takes is a shoulder to lean on and your willingness to talk. The article also brings about some signs of younger people who may be depressed or suffering from suicidal thoughts. Open your ears, tell them you love them. Don’t accept the silence any longer.


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