The Importance of Opening Up

For many people, talking about suicide is hard, but for those who have lost someone to suicide, talking about it may be nearly impossible.

Over two decades ago, Anderson Cooper (the host of a CNN show), lost his brother to suicide. It was at a point in his life that he remembers well but that he chose not to talk about. His mother opened up in 1997 and wrote about her son’s death. It wasn’t until 2005 that Anderson decided to start talking about his brother and his depression. In an interview with his mother at the beginning of September, he opens up about the day his brother took his life and what that meant to him; he even revealed that losing his brother was one of the reasons he pursued a career in journalism.

One of the things that caught my attention in this interview was the importance that was put on speaking about suicide. It was also stressed between Anderson and his mother how it feels to be left behind. Many think that it is a daily struggle that gets easier with time, but most people who have been through a traumatic situation such as this one know that isn’t always the case. Opening up about suicide not only helps those who feel alone, but can also help those who have been left behind.


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