Opinions and Social Pressure

Recently I was asked to read an article about opinions and how they are molded by others in society. In this article, it was proven that many people will change their opinions depending on what others around them are doing. While I was reading this, I was thinking about how people react to conversations about suicide and depression. How much do others opinions actually shape our own?

It has been shown in studies among college students that, when faced with others opinions, many people will agree with the group even if it is contrary to their own feelings. Is this why many people don’t talk about suicide and depression? Nobody else does, so why should they?

Society puts so much pressure on being perfect, or striving to be. Fitting in is getting harder for many people and the idea of “normal” is becoming more and more ambiguous. With this stress on the individuals in our society, many people are cracking under the pressure. This is not only happening in our society, but in others around the world as well.

A few years ago it was reported that women in Saudi were unable to deal with the demands in their society. They felt they had no other answer other than suicide. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence among people suffering from suicidal thoughts.

Social pressure not only affects the actions of many people with depression or suicide, but it also affects the way people handle these subjects. What is conformity doing to our society? Are we all just “sheep” who are following the herd? If nobody else talks about it, then we won’t either? Sadly, I think the answer here is yes.


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