There’s An App For That

Many people are anticipating the arrival of the new iPhone 4S. It not only can understand the human voice, but it can also respond back, book appointments, and do many other things that technology shouldn’t be able to do. This makes me wonder just how much we are relying on technology to deal with our daily dilemmas. With the obsession of smart phones and computers, many people are looking for a quick fix to solve their problems. Including depression.

Numerous applications dealing with depression can be found on the Apple website. These Apps range from dealing with daily emotions to psychotherapy. Although many of the people creating these Apps may have done so in hopes to do some good, treating depression is not as simple as downloading an App and fixing yourself.

There are many reasons that people disregard depression or don’t take it as serious as they need to, but with technology like these Apps surfacing, it gives others more of a reason to look at depression in a less critical manner. With new technology like this surfacing, it makes me wonder if face-to-face interaction will soon be non-existent. Is technology like this affecting those with depression even more? Since these tools make it unnecessary to meet with people in person, are these technologies actually hurting those suffering with depression rather than helping them? Before we know it people may be Skyping their therapists isntead of going in to meet with them one-on-one.

Talking with a professional is important as well as taking time for yourself to deal with your illness; this can include wellness activities, medication, talking with a psychologist, or simply coming to terms with the disease. Although we may wish that depression could be solved simply by downloading something to our phones, it isn’t that simple. Look for signs and know what your body is feeling, just be sure to reach out to someone who can actually help; don’t just reach out to technology.

(taken from iTunes App Store


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