Not a Common Occurrence

When it comes to thinking of depression it seems like there are two extremes: there is either an overgeneralization of depression or the idea that it affects everyone at some point in ther lives. These two reasons lead to the misunderstanding and the stigma of depression.Recently I read a blog that goes along with believing that depression is common and affects everyone.

This blog states that, “the problem isn’t the problem. It’s how you think about the problem that’s the problem.” Although I think this can be true when it comes to many aspects of daily life, I don’t believe this is true when it comes to depression. The author hits on a few main points.

One of the first points states that depression is a natural part of life and is needed for everyone. The way in which the author writes about depression as though everyone experiences it really bothers me. He also says not to label yourself as depressed because it could have “negative connotations” and suggests using other words to describe what one may be feeling. The author also suggests re-prioritizing in order to help change your mood and your attitudes.

Although I think this post could be helpful for some of those who may actually be feeling lonely or down, it is posts like this one that give people more reason to look down on depression. There are ways to help lift spirits such as changing diet and exercise, but dealing with depression is not a simple fix or just a change in your way of thinking.

There are more articles and blog posts out there similar to this one. I think it is important that this topic is being looked at seriously; it is also helpful that there is a reference on this blog to professionals who can help with depression and suicide, but I also think it is important to distinguish the actual difference between “feeling down” and depression.


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