Who Sets The Agenda?

In the field of journalism, one question in particular has been asked over and over again: who sets the agenda? In a world of constant contact and short attention spans, people are increasingly asking for hard-hitting news stories. The tricky part, sometimes, is finding stories that are both serious news and draw the attention of readers.

Many times, what audiences want to hear about and what the media is reporting on coincide with one another really well. Other times, however, there are many stories the public may want to hear about that simply never get published.

In a world of citizen journalism, blogs, and easy accesibility to the Internet, who’s to say the public can’t produce their own stories and talk about their own topics? That’s what I’m doing, along with thousands of other bloggers. The hard part to tackle is getting your voice heard.

When it comes to subjects like depression and suicide, they rarely make the agenda. It seems as though the gatekeepers in our society have worked very hard to keep stories regarding these topics out of the news media. The important part to remember is to never give up, eventually everyone’s voice will be heard. In the past few years, many people have been working to raise awareness on these topics; today there are even Facebook groups dedicated to these subjects.

If the media reflects the society and if people continually work hard to gain awareness, eventually we will be making headlines. I can’t wait for the day when studies regarding depression and suicide can make the front page of major newspapers and magazines. Problems with these two are happening every day all around us; it can’t be ignored for much longer.


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