What Depression Feels Like

There are many people who have been lucky in ther lifetime and never had to experience depression firsthand. For these people, it can be hard to understand just how dark and lonely depression can be; it’s important to remember that this illness can be ongoing and isn’t a simple fix.

On the Families for Depression Awareness website, I found an article written by a man who has suffered with depression for most of his life. What I liked most about his writing is that it brings light to the fact that anybody can suffer from depression. Here you see a man named Dan who is in his 40s, he is married with a wife and children and still suffers with this illness. He is also able to describe what depression felt like for him for many years and can relate it to ways that many other people can understand. Dan also goes on to explain the thoughts that went through his head over the years including suicidal thoughts and struggling with the idea of medicating. The more you can understand what depression feels like for some, the more you can be empathetic and really fight for awareness on this subject.

Read Dan’s story to learn more.


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