Military Members at a High Risk for Suicide

As I was reading the New York Times, I came across an article that talked about military suicides. This was not a subject that I knew much about and was interested to find out more. Looking into it I found that suicides in the military have been a call for concern for many years now and, in recent years, the amount of suicides has been on a steady rise. A report released at the beginning of this month by the Center for New American Security has laid out recommendations to try to reduce the amount of suicides happening in the military.

The report takes a look at the statistics and the numerical data that is available today, stating that much of it is outdated or not as conclusive as it could be; the numbers on retired military suicides is especially shaky. This report says that the mental health screening after deployment could be improved, hazing prevention, as well as many other ways the military can help lower these numbers of suicide.

Having a place in the military can be stressful and scary for friends and family, but most importantly, for the individual putting his or her life at stake. These people are out there fighting for our country, the least we can do to help is make sure they’re taken care of physically and mentally.

Photo used from Veteran Journal--


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