Healthy Diet & Depression

As the winter months are fast approaching, I have been slacking in my healthy eating habits, as I know other people have been. Winter months tend to leave people, myself included, without much care of their diet. With the cold weather and the holiday treats, getting the correct vitamins and healthy substances your body needs doesn’t seem to be a top priority.

This past week I was given an article that focused on fruits and vegetables and the benefits they can have to those suffering with chronic or long-term illnesses. Melanie, who is a blog writer and also a contributor to the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, had a great article that looked at the benefits that these healthy substances have in regards to fighting chronic disease.

Although many of us are aware of the healthy eating habits that we should have already acquired at this point in our lives, what many of us don’t know are the benefits of eating healthy when it comes to long-term illnesses. Depression, like many other illnesses, takes it’s toll on the mind and the body; however, eating fresh foods like fruits and vegetables can help many chronic conditions. The article stated that “plant-based foods are the healthiest food options for people with cancer and other persistent illnesses.” These foods are also natural sources of energy and, for people suffering with depression or other chronic illnesses, energy is something that is always needed.

As I was looking into the benefits of eating healthy, I came across a post on the LiveStrong website. This article gives specific vitamins and minerals to make sure your body is receiving if you are suffering from depression. These incldue:

  • Zinc  (found in red meat, poultry, beans..)
  • Vitamin B-12 (fish, eggs, milk..)
  • Folate (leafy green vegetables, beans..)
  • Vitamin E (nuts, vegetable oils..)
  • Carbohydrates (bread, pasta)
  • Selenium (shellfish, garlic, sunflower seeds)

By simply adding a few extra fruits, vegetables, or supplements to your diet, you could help change your physical and mental health for the better. Everyone can benefit from a little healthy diet modification.


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