Social Marketing Campaigns

Social marketing is one of the best ways to share information through different mediums. This type of technique tends to use many outlets to ensure that the message can be distributed to as many people as possible. One of the social marketing campaigns that I have come across is called Don’t Erase Your Future.

This campaign seeks to bring about awareness to people who may be having suicidal thoughts. What made this campaign interesting to me was the fact that they look at different famous people from the past and see how the world would be different if they had chosen to end their life. One thing that stands out to me is how blunt this website is. Although some people may find it too forward or not interactive enough, the fact that it is simple to maneuver and is honest is one of the things that caught my attention.

Social marketing campaigns are very effective and have become popular among many groups. When it comes to suicide and depression, I think these campaigns can be very effective if they can actually reach a large part of the population.

Here’s another marketing campaign that caught my eye. We Can Help Us :60


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