Lower Drinking Age Could Mean Higher Risk of Suicide

Alcohol has been  be used for various different reasons over many decades. It was once used for medical reasons, can help someone unwind after a stressful day at work, or it can simply be used as a social tool. Alcohol has become very important in our world today, but unfortunately, can be very dangerous to some. This is obviously a very toxic chemical that many use on a daily basis and has been known to cause many different health problems, including depression. Alcohol also has affects both genders very differently and can increase the chance for mental health issues in women.

A study released last week by the Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research found that lowering the drinking age could cause more suicides for women. This study showed that females who were exposed to a younger drinking age often had a higher risk of committing suicide than females who only experienced the 21+ drinking age.

Although alcohol can have it’s detrimental effects on anyone of any age, this study shows that thousands of women’s lives can be saved if it stays where it’s at. This has been a long running debate and I’m sure many people under the age of 21 would like to see this changed, but there is a good reason for the laws we have set in place. Suicide and depression are already a major problem in this society with the drinking age where it is currently at, there is no need to put more lives in danger.


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