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In February 2010, The National Alliance for Mental Health Massachusetts started doing Twitter chats that converge mental health and social media (#mhsm). Tonight I’m taking place in a chat put on by NAMI Massachusetts and is moderated by unsuicide. The chat starts at 6 p.m. PST and I will be watching and putting my own input, thoughts, or experiences.

8:00 — The chat has started. Topic: Peer support

8:03 — First question asked: “What types of mental health and addictions peer support have helped you?”

8:07 — A lot of the people that have responded to the first question have answered with friends and online help. I definitely agree that friends and family are one of the best support groups there are.

8:10 — This is kind of overwhelming at first, there’s a lot more people involved in this chat than I thought. That’s definitely a good thing though

8:12 — Third question was posted. It asks whether or not you give professional peer support in the mental health system; this seems like an interesting question to ask. Would you keep your professional life separate from your personal life? I think that would be difficult to do.

8:17 — There’s a lot of talk about peer certification and peer groups during this chat, which is a concept I had never given much thought to. I’m wondering how these programs work and how one would go about getting involved. That would be an amazing way to help get involved and give back.

8:22 — I’ve gotten involved and put some input into the conversation, this chat is so informative and is really helping me connect with others in the mental health community. I’ll be tuning in more Tuesdays to join in the conversation.

8:29 — Got retweeted by another peer, @natasha_tracy who is a peer going through tough situations and spreading awareness. Definitely a good feeling

8:35 — Talking about favorite peer support outlets on this Twitter chat is showing me so many great blogs and resources for mental health help.

8:38 — The risks of peer support was just brought up. I’m glad this is something that is being covered. Although it’s really great that peer support is available, it’s always important to know the risks involved.

8:44 — A lot of the people involved are talking about taking caution when it comes to peer advice and making sure you feel comfortable. Sounds pretty reasonable.

8:50 — One of the last questions (I think, anyway) was asked about whether or not we would take a course to get peer certified if it was available. I think it sounds like a great way to get involved and I know I’m going to be looking into it more in the future.

8:55 — A questions was just asked about how people would go about talking about self-harm or eating disorders without triggering or encouraging these actions. I think talking about these subjects and the way questions or answers are worded is the most important. Just being careful and aware of what you’re saying.

9:00 — The chat just ended and it went surprisingly fast. Definitely a great way to learn more about mental health and connect with others.

For a transcript of the conversation that went on tonight, click here.


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