Can Caffeine Help Prevent Mental Illness?

As I was running the other day, I was paging through a health magazine; as soon as I saw the words caffeine, I knew I had to read more. The article told me that a study had proven that drinking coffee could help prevent depression. After reading this I thought I would look more into it, and here it is.

A study done at the Harvard School of Public Health found that women who drank coffee (or had an intake of caffeine) were less likely to develop mental illness. The study went on to explain that caffeine is meant to lift mood which can help deter people away from their feelings of depression. However, although the study focused strictly on women, there are others out there who still are on the fence about caffeine intake and its correlation with depression.

The statistics and subject are very intriguing to me and for someone like myself who enjoys my cup of joe in the morning, I would like to see some more facts framing this subject in a positive light.


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