Has Technology Gone Too Far?

When it comes to technology, normally I’m all for it as it comes out. However, this week as I was looking into applications and smart phones I found some technology in the making that might actually push back the process of other people understanding and dealing with depression.

Researchers at Northwestern University are working on a technology that can help sense if someone is depressed. The technology would take into account a person’s mood, activity, location, and social context to determine whether or not a person is feeling depressed. If this new technology decided that a person is feeling slightly depressed, it would give the person an option to text message or call someone close to them.

Although I think it’s great that researchers are looking to develop new ways to help those suffering with depression, I feel as though this new smart phone technology may make the idea of depression seem too common. The fact that many people don’t take depression very seriously is something that myself and many others are working hard to defeat and my only worry is that this new technology would work to reverse all the efforts of many people. For now, the technology is still a work-in-progress and nothing may come of it; the fact that people are working to research this subject and talk about it is a step in the right direction.


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