The Choking Game

Late last year, one of my friend’s lives was turned upside down. Her younger brother, who was only 13, died due to a tragic game. The choking game is a “game” that young kids are playing that cuts off the blood flow to the brain. This is happening in adolescent’s bedrooms, with their friends, or anywhere they feel they can play. What many people don’t know is how detrimental this game can be to their health and how much it can affect the people they care about.

My friend and her family are now working to advocate and gain support against this horrible game. If people can become educated about the warning signs and can be informed on what the game actually is, hopefully many lives can be saved. Keri and her family have done several interviews with local news stations sharing the story of her beloved younger brother.

Children are growing up so fast these days that we need to open our eyes and realize that we can help them understand how dangerous so many things can be.


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