Is Celebrity Support Dwindling?

I got to thinking the other night about the support and awareness of depression and/or suicide in our media. Many celebrities make it very apparent which charities they support and give back to. Although I believe all of the charities or campaigns that celebrities support are important, I was wondering how many of these widely known people would support a campaign to raise awareness for suicide and depression? The taboo of this subject is still a major problem today and the campaigns to break this and support mental illnesses or suicide awareness are not as highly supported as others.

As I was researching I found that Joel and Benji Madden, as well as Good Charlotte as a whole, are both supporters of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Although many celebrities may only support some of these causes to boost their reputation, I believe it could be a major push in the right direction if more of these celebrities or people with “big names” would support a cause like AFSP or any other mental illness or suicide prevention campaign or charity.

If everyone would take a little time out of their own lives to raise even a little awareness for this subject, thousands of lives could be saved.


3 thoughts on “Is Celebrity Support Dwindling?

  1. Actually, Frank Warren of PostSecret REALLY supports the suicide hotline. Is that what you’re thinking of?

    …or more of depression?

    I did notice celebrities dwindling with their public support of these organizations? Maybe it can be related to the economy?

    • You’re right, PostSecret is an organization that is definitely supportive and I believe there are always exceptions to the rules, but overall it would seem the support is dwindling. I hadn’t quite factored in the economy aspect, although that is a good point. For some celebretities and big names financial reasons may be why support is down, but for the most part it would seem that there just isn’t enough awareness yet on this topic. Good points though, definitely something to keep in mind.

  2. I totally agree with this post & wasn’t even aware of any celeb associations!!! This reality has long sickened me. I’m even further disgusted in how often we hear of “dialogue” along these lines injected into comedies for a laugh

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