One Step in the Right Direction

With reports being released stating that suicide rates are on the rise, it is a breath of fresh air to hear some good news being reported in the media as well.

This past week ABC Newcastle reported that they are releasing new guidelines when it comes to suicide and self-harm. This ABC station said there is a taboo when it comes to self-injury and/or suicide in the media and this is something that needs to be broken.

As I have done past research I have found that Australia is one country that is much more open when it comes to reporting on such topics. They do their best to not report in such ways that would be at risk for others to attempt a copycat suicide, but they believe this is an issue that people shouldn’t shy away from talking about.

This story was released days after the statistics on U.S. youth suicide were shown on the rise. It would seem as though the United States could benefit from news media adjusting their policies to report more openly on the facts and what is happening in our country. Time will tell if this new way of reporting will work for Newcastle and if it does, maybe there’s hope for other media to make the change as well.


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