Suicide is One of the Leading Causes of Death Among Troops

Reports have recently been released stating that suicide is one of the leading causes of death among soldiers in the military.

The Pentagon released information last week that reported the second leading cause of soldier deaths, outside of combat, was suicide. According to these reports, in the past year 154 soldiers have died by confirmed or suspected suicide while a total of 127 military men and women died in the Afghanistan war.

To me, this information was not only alarming but terribly sad. These service members are risking their lives daily so that we in America can enjoy our freedom and safety. Why aren’t we doing something more to give them help in return?

Daily News interviewed a widow who had a spouse that was serving in the military and ended up committing suicide. Stories like Kim Ruocco‘s, show just how devastating this problem really is. Although there are programs for veterans such as Counseling Options, Suicide Prevention Services, and Outreach Centers, it seems as though more could, or should be done, to help them.

These people are risking their lives for each and every one of us, the least we could do is try to save theirs in return.


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