Self Injury Awareness Day 2013

Today I’m wearing orange for Self Injury Awareness Day. Along with knowing many people who have tried harming themselves, I also find myself in this category. Though this is never easy to admit, sharing your story is half the battle.
Today I challenge you to open up about your own story, or at least be willing to listen to someone else’s story. Who knows, maybe you could save a life.



One thought on “Self Injury Awareness Day 2013

  1. We love you very much, honey, and want to see you happy and live a long life. We are always here to talk to you and help with counseling if you would like that. You have had more than the usual deaths of friends and family, but those who remain need you and depend on you to be there for them. I pray that spring with sunshine and new life in nature will help you find a new outlook on life and give you strength to find activities to make you feel needed and appreciated. Love you always.

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