Depression and Suicide Know No Age Limit

I was reading the TWLOHA blog the other day and came across a story that made me stop in the middle of my day to take a second to think of all the people out there who are, or have, been suffering.
The blog post was written by one of the interns about the depression and suicide attempt that his grandma had gone through. I’m not sure about you, but many times when I think of depression or suicide, I am guilty of thinking mainly of younger people struggling with these issues; rarely do I think that someone my parent’s age, or even older than that, would struggle with such hardships. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? The people in that generation have lived much longer, and faced more struggles in their life than any of us may ever have to endure.
This post broadened my horizons a lot and left me wanting to go hug my grandparents and be willing to listen to their stories – both good and bad.
I hope this post finds you well and has as much impact on your day as it had on mine.


One thought on “Depression and Suicide Know No Age Limit

  1. Great thoughts, Bri. My mom’s brother struggled with this a couple times after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, later in life – probably his 70’s, I think. And I’m sure you remember that her sister did commit suicide shortly after she was married.



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