Six years ago I started this blog as an assignment for college; we were to pick a topic to blog about for the entirety of the semester. When I selected my topic – mental health and suicide – I could hear the whispers circle the room. That is stigma.

When I was 21 years old, my boyfriend killed himself. I struggled a lot after he died. I knew I couldn’t save him, but I wasn’t going to let his life be in vain. I had struggled in the past with my own depression and felt as though I couldn’t talk about it with anyone else in fear of the looks and judgement I would feel. That, again, is stigma.

Six years ago, I opened up about my own struggle and story and have been educating myself since in hopes that I can openly talk about mental health and I can encourage others to do the same. This is an issue that we cannot shy away from. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or nervous to confront. We all have our own struggles.

Throughout the course of the past six years I’ve had the opportunity to talk with strangers, family and friends about the importance of talking about mental health and suicide. I can’t wait for the day that this subject is no longer stigmatized but is something we can freely, and openly, talk about.

Depression and suicide are prominent in many different societies today. These are two subjects that are rarely talked about and are consequently taking many lives. Many people will suffer from some sort of depression or suicidal thoughts throughout their lives and it affects people of all different ages.

I’m not a professional, nor do I claim to be. I am simply a woman who has had to deal with depression and suicide in many different aspects of my life. I’ve seen what depression looks like firsthand and I know what it’s like to lose someone you love to suicide. I’m simply here to try to spread awareness and get people to start talking about these topics before it’s too late. I want to give people a place to discuss these topics, to get help, and learn more. Silence hurts. But suicide and depression hurt more.

Don’t Forget To Love Yourself–Out of the Darkness Walk 2011


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  1. Grief has brought us together, I’m glad we crossed paths & can appreciate the honesty in your blog. Thinking of you & sending hugs on the losses you endure…

  2. I have read several of your posts. I am actually welling up with tears. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon this site. I too have had to deal with depression and suicide, and suffer depression myself. I will one day write about it on my own site, but it is so overwhelming to speak of it that I will need more time to prepare myself. Reading what you write has been very good for me today. Thank you. Keep writing.

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